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23 Jul 2021
03:22:22@drakodylian:roleplaygateway.comdrakodylianFor more information: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Draco_(lizard)
03:24:08@drakodylian:roleplaygateway.comdrakodylianAs for giants...
03:24:08@cat:maunium.netCat Disruptor 6000This pretty baby showed up at the right door 🥰
This pretty baby showed up at the right door 🥰
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03:30:22@drakodylian:roleplaygateway.comdrakodylian14 inch footprint.
03:31:51@drakodylian:roleplaygateway.comdrakodylianMost often, or actually only recorded and proven to be 8-9 ft. tall.
03:33:20@drakodylian:roleplaygateway.comdrakodylianTaller specimens are rumored to exist, but without proof, evidence is circumstantial.
03:35:41@drakodylian:roleplaygateway.comdrakodylianBest evidence yet is still the spread of giants in mythology across different countries and continents among ancient peoples.
03:38:23@drakodylian:roleplaygateway.comdrakodylianSome are real. Some are fake. For example, the Yeti is strictly folklore with no tangible evidence to support it.
03:40:11@drakodylian:roleplaygateway.comdrakodylianHowever, its North American cousin the Sasquash has scientific evidence to support its existence.
03:40:26@lostamongtrees:roleplaygateway.comlost changed their profile picture.
03:43:46@drakodylian:roleplaygateway.comdrakodylianIncluding a positive DNA sample taken from a bloody 14 inch footprint left on a nailbed/trap/welcome mat.
03:47:27@drakodylian:roleplaygateway.comdrakodylianThe sample comes from the Alaskan forest and after thorough analysis and comparison to several known species, the DNA result was that of a primate with a 14 inch shoesize.
03:49:17@drakodylian:roleplaygateway.comdrakodylianThere are no known primates in Alaska, except for us.
03:50:53@drakodylian:roleplaygateway.comdrakodylianSo either it's Sasquash, or it's a giant. Either way, it's bound to cause a stir.
03:50:54@cat:maunium.netCat Disruptor 6000Rockys 13nth b-day
Rockys 13nth b-day
03:53:41@drakodylian:roleplaygateway.comdrakodylianBut that's not even the half of it.
03:55:44@drakodylian:roleplaygateway.comdrakodylianEspecially when you consider world history, mythology, and the wisdom preserved in theology from ancient antiquity.
03:56:44@drakodylian:roleplaygateway.comdrakodylianCave paintings, rock carvings, etc.
03:58:47@drakodylian:roleplaygateway.comdrakodylianDragons are real, and so are giants. History isn't really a lie but it is. The truth is out there. But there's a lot of misinformation.
04:28:25@barney_fife:roleplaygateway.combarney_fifeDude what
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04:28:37@barney_fife:roleplaygateway.combarney_fifeOnly thing dragons are good for is anti air target practice
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07:48:48@rekkzy:matrix.orgrekkzyIt is more than a little odd that everyone assumes "if prehistoric people drew it on a cave wall, it can't possibly be true"
07:49:30@rekkzy:matrix.orgrekkzyAnd then we're finding out that some civilization 20,000 years earlier than the one we previously thought was earliest, had already invented writing and stuff, and were just as smart as us
07:50:04@rekkzy:matrix.orgrekkzySo sure, dragons could be literally real, I see little reason why not (except that the normal drawings of them aren't very aerodynamic, they'd have to be thinner)
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Only thing dragons are good for is anti air target practice
w r o n g barn dragons are the best lolol!
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So sure, dragons could be literally real, I see little reason why not (except that the normal drawings of them aren't very aerodynamic, they'd have to be thinner)
they could also be magic

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