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1 Apr 2020
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Remæus: were you able to fix the bug that my setup brought up?
Finally making progress on some deeper bugs that blocked my progress — for some reason, I wasn't able to replicate your experience, but some major refactors have resulted in improvements upstream. I'm going to give it another pass before Saturday, hoping I can get back to where I was 🙏
05:09:47@remaeus:roleplaygateway.comRemæus invited @fractaloop:fabric.pubfractaloop.
05:26:55@fishbucket:roleplaygateway.comFancy CrabThat's good to hear.
05:27:12@fishbucket:roleplaygateway.comFancy CrabHOpefully that means this saturday we can dive deeper into the process and I can actually get to work really helping.
05:28:47@remaeus:roleplaygateway.comRemæus You can join #hacking:ericmartindale.com for automated updates of Fabric and other upstream components
05:29:09@fishbucket:roleplaygateway.comFancy Crabmm
06:57:29@remaeus:roleplaygateway.comRemæus re: upstream / downstream — everything we do is open source, which means development updates are shared before they are made available to the public versions of things — "upstream" means the original creator, while "downstream" refers to the customized version. Ideally, everything would be open source so changes are easily ported between versions, but lots of people (and companies, in particular) prefer to keep their contributions private.
10 Apr 2020
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23 Apr 2020
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24 Apr 2020
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25 Apr 2020
15:01:39@lawoftheland:roleplaygateway.comLawOfTheLandOverheard in another site chat: "Is there an eyedropper tool that scans a color range and gives an average?" I remembered two things: That colors are defined by three variables of hue, chroma, and brightness, and that there is a mathematical definition for the average of a function over three dimensions that involves a triple integral. If I can write a program that can do that...
15:04:32@lawoftheland:roleplaygateway.comLawOfTheLandThe math is the same if you define colors in terms of RGB
15:08:06@lawoftheland:roleplaygateway.comLawOfTheLandWait. Triple integral is the average value of a function in three dimensions. What I want is the average of a collection of ordered triples.
15:10:27@lawoftheland:roleplaygateway.comLawOfTheLand...and apparently you can just make the sample area of the eyedropper tool bigger to completely bypass this.
27 Apr 2020
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20:30:19@remaeus:roleplaygateway.comRemæus Time is the only real currency we have — great beginner/intermediate guide to areas to focus on as a new developer to maximize your trajectory
22:50:45@lawoftheland:roleplaygateway.comLawOfTheLandThe Boring Company...is this the one that sold flamethrowers?
First up, this is in no way a deference to the other ‘Boring Company’ started by the real world Iron Man.We totally agree that Elon is way cooler than any of us will ever be, but not enough for us to name a company after his!
22:52:05@lawoftheland:roleplaygateway.comLawOfTheLanddamn XD
22:52:32@remaeus:roleplaygateway.comRemæusthat said, the Boring Company is making great progress on their tunnels, should be opening a route in LA soon
29 Apr 2020
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3 May 2020
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8 May 2020
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14 May 2020
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8 Jun 2020
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22 Jun 2020
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