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28 Feb 2020
00:29:49@_discord_645276763257307138:roleplaygateway.comCheer On joined the room.
00:29:56@_discord_645276763257307138:roleplaygateway.comCheer On left the room.
00:30:06@butterflyeffect:roleplaygateway.comButterfly Effectcorridor of reflections
00:31:48@butterflyeffect:roleplaygateway.comButterfly Effect and corridor of refraction
00:32:26@_discord_296879157705572352:roleplaygateway.comScorpion01 Oh
00:32:37@_discord_296879157705572352:roleplaygateway.comScorpion01 Well irral doesn't play by the rules usually
00:32:47@_discord_296879157705572352:roleplaygateway.comScorpion01 So imma let er yeet
00:32:49@butterflyeffect:roleplaygateway.comButterfly Effectlost's elf and my group is in refections i think
00:33:30@butterflyeffect:roleplaygateway.comButterfly Effectbut i have an airship and more winglies outside of the crypt
00:35:06@butterflyeffect:roleplaygateway.comButterfly Effectscene kinda stalled between Lost being busy and me forgetting about it...
00:39:47@_discord_296879157705572352:roleplaygateway.comScorpion01 Well
00:39:55@_discord_296879157705572352:roleplaygateway.comScorpion01 Im about to jump start some shit
00:40:09@_discord_296879157705572352:roleplaygateway.comScorpion01 Post up with Irral
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03:21:04@lil_kreen:roleplaygateway.comlil_kreentiring day, well at least I got rhia to taeth and a few other characters. need to do something with the news one too
03:21:54@lil_kreen:roleplaygateway.comlil_kreenstream posting is more difficult when there's multiple characters. I see why there's /wests in the logs
03:38:46@lawoftheland:roleplaygateway.comLawOfTheLand shentino: If it's bothering you specifically, why not just mute it if others don't seem to mind?
03:39:29@lawoftheland:roleplaygateway.comLawOfTheLandLike, ignoring is a thing, man.
04:47:31@lawoftheland:roleplaygateway.comLawOfTheLand Wolfboi492: Don't forget ChaoticMarin can also answer most of your Pokemon RP related questions, as Ruula is technically her setting. I was just running it while she was away for a while.
04:48:06@wolfboi492:roleplaygateway.comWolfboi492Oh ok so I'm guessing I should ask here rather than in the general chat?
04:48:23@lawoftheland:roleplaygateway.comLawOfTheLandAs Ruula is MV specific, yes.
04:49:33@wolfboi492:roleplaygateway.comWolfboi492Soooo if I wanted to play as a pokemon from a specific region would I just post in that region in general or like a certain part of that region or?
04:49:47@lawoftheland:roleplaygateway.comLawOfTheLandWhen possible, post in a specific part of a region.
04:50:19@wolfboi492:roleplaygateway.comWolfboi492Even if that's not where that pokemon is normally found per se?
04:51:04@lawoftheland:roleplaygateway.comLawOfTheLandEspecially if that's where it's not normally found. To those in the know, that's a plot hook. Why is it there?
04:51:27@wolfboi492:roleplaygateway.comWolfboi492Ooooh ok
04:53:04@wolfboi492:roleplaygateway.comWolfboi492Thank you!!!
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shentino: If it's bothering you specifically, why not just mute it if others don't seem to mind?
if it was only personally annoying that'd be a good idea, but the messages objectively don't belong here, they're the result of an actual bug. And of note I'm not the only user who has actually complained about them

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