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28 Jul 2021
00:47:25@dealing_with_it:roleplaygateway.comdealing with itSo yeah, start with /html and then type in the < font color>test</ font> bit
03:59:33@talak:roleplaygateway.comtalak joined the room.
20:25:15@connected:roleplaygateway.comConnected/html <font color="#ff00be">test</font>
29 Jul 2021
06:18:26@welcomeback:t2bot.ioWelcome Back Bot Welcome back, lost. You were last active a day ago.
06:19:49@lostamongtrees:roleplaygateway.comlost/html <font ff00be> test </font>
06:19:53@lostamongtrees:roleplaygateway.comlostoof ok no
In reply to @dealing_with_it:roleplaygateway.com
h o w
12:01:45@_discord_330454837366095873:roleplaygateway.comsonicdash759#6354 changed their display name from sonicdash759 to sonicdash759#6354.
20:59:12@dealing_with_it:roleplaygateway.comdealing with itLooks like you figured it out.
20:59:15@welcomeback:t2bot.ioWelcome Back Bot Welcome back, dealing with it. You were last active 2 days ago.
20:59:52@connected:roleplaygateway.comConnectedIt does not appear so!
20:59:53@welcomeback:t2bot.ioWelcome Back Bot Welcome back, Connected. You were last active a day ago.
21:01:33@dealing_with_it:roleplaygateway.comdealing with it but...
21:02:13@dealing_with_it:roleplaygateway.comdealing with it Italics
21:09:20@dealing_with_it:roleplaygateway.comdealing with it if I may be so bold
21:50:06@connected:roleplaygateway.comConnectedI can do italics and bold, but not colors for some reason
21:50:20@connected:roleplaygateway.comConnectedHow does that work? The /html tag doesn't do anything...
30 Jul 2021
17:00:40@lostamongtrees:roleplaygateway.comlost dealing with it are you using rpg chat mobile, browser, desktop, or thru element?
17:00:41@welcomeback:t2bot.ioWelcome Back Bot Welcome back, lost. You were last active a day ago.
19:05:23@connected:roleplaygateway.comConnected It's strange that the output would still display correctly on clients on which the /html command is not supported...
21:46:59@eric:fabric.pubericevery downstream client is going to represent the message in a different way — for the web it's HTML
21:47:00@welcomeback:t2bot.ioWelcome Back Bot Welcome back, eric. You were last active 3 days ago.
21:47:19@eric:fabric.pubericsome of my messages come from Thunderbird, btw
21:47:35@eric:fabric.puberic(the nightly build supports chat, in addition to the email component)
22:53:02@dealing_with_it:roleplaygateway.comdealing with it lost: I'm using the desktop client.
22:53:03@welcomeback:t2bot.ioWelcome Back Bot Welcome back, dealing with it. You were last active a day ago.
31 Jul 2021
01:09:51@ahimlilgina:roleplaygateway.comahimlilgina joined the room.

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