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20 Aug 2019
22:07:55@lostamongtrees:roleplaygateway.comlostim doing a low of work around the mv
22:08:06@lostamongtrees:roleplaygateway.comlostdo you have any sov or plots you need support for
22:11:08@awinita:roleplaygateway.comAwinitaHey lost you goty the downloads link right ? I think halo could benefit greatly from getting the chat app
22:12:30@lostamongtrees:roleplaygateway.comlostquestion still stands
22:41:38@eric:fabric.pubericnext track on decks is in consideration for the style of music for the next campaign
22:41:55@eric:fabric.puberic PIRATE RADIO
22:48:09@_discord_359551444992524298:roleplaygateway.comhalo_book_lover Lost not sure if I can post regularly anymore since I work full time and working on getting a second job besides and I had a guy ready for Emerald Plains but it might be best if I adopted that one out to someone who could post regularly
23:00:55@_discord_344240129797521409:roleplaygateway.comLost halo_book_lover halo, i think thats alright honestly- whats ypur availability? We wont leave ya behind!
23:02:24@awinita:roleplaygateway.comAwinitaNOTE: Emerald Plains is a heavily Chinese inspired region
23:02:44@_discord_359551444992524298:roleplaygateway.comhalo_book_lover honestly? none really as with work it leaves me drained enough that I don't really feel like RPing
23:03:12@_discord_359551444992524298:roleplaygateway.comhalo_book_lover and with a potential second job that would be even more draining but unfortunately the bills don't pay themselves 😦
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and with a potential second job that would be even more draining but unfortunately the bills don't pay themselves 😦
be sure to join #ink:fabric.pub for future developments in this arena 🙏
23:04:41@awinita:roleplaygateway.comAwinitaHe is on the discord
23:04:45@awinita:roleplaygateway.comAwinitaHe does not have the chat app
23:05:09@_discord_359551444992524298:roleplaygateway.comhalo_book_lover I also don't think I'm a creative enough writer to be any sort of success using ink as a source of income
23:05:45@_discord_359551444992524298:roleplaygateway.comhalo_book_lover there's an RPG chat app? is that the chat on the main RPG site?

Au contraire, especially if we hit our growth targets

23:08:01@remaeus:roleplaygateway.comRemæusYes there exists an Android app as well as apps for all desktop OS, and of course the website
23:23:39@awinita:roleplaygateway.comAwinitaRem has 5 years for me to become a millionaire and able to buy stuff via INK
23:23:48@awinita:roleplaygateway.comAwinitaOtherwise I will be an uphappy Princess
23:23:58@awinita:roleplaygateway.comAwinitaNo Pressure to Rem btw
23:33:00@remaeus:roleplaygateway.comRemæusthat's not what the bet said exactly
23:33:08@remaeus:roleplaygateway.comRemæusbut good thing we'll still have logs by then
23:33:10@remaeus:roleplaygateway.comRemæusthanks Bitcoin!
23:41:28@_discord_314900859945484290:roleplaygateway.comTheNoremac42 As long as I can convert INK into something that I can eventually exchange for gold or silver, I'll be happy.
23:42:49@_discord_359551444992524298:roleplaygateway.comhalo_book_lover XD
23:43:31@_discord_359551444992524298:roleplaygateway.comhalo_book_lover yeah I've always been also very suspicious of "get rich quick" schemes
23:49:51@awinita:roleplaygateway.comAwinitaMy bet is that if I can buy a book I want on Amazon currently priced at nearly 170USD with INK/BTC at some point in the next five years I will be happy, otherwise I wont be happy

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