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14 Oct 2019
07:10:34@discord_516472241010114560:fabric.pubHUE#3364 changed their profile picture.
08:37:39@_discord_120682950919454720:roleplaygateway.comShentino ...why did I read that as "world of herpes"?
15:59:48@_discord_516472241010114560:roleplaygateway.comHUE changed their display name from HUE to _discord_516472241010114560.
15:59:49@_discord_516472241010114560:roleplaygateway.comHUE changed their display name from _discord_516472241010114560 to HUE.
15:59:52@discord_516472241010114560:fabric.pubHUE#3364 changed their profile picture.
16:19:27@_discord_425801964551667723:roleplaygateway.com_discord_425801964551667723 > ...why did I read that as "world of herpes"?
You are not the only one
19:00:48@remaeus:roleplaygateway.comRemæusI'm probably most excited about Fabric for biological computations
19:23:36@lawoftheland:roleplaygateway.comLawOfTheLandBiological computations? Stuff like protein folding?
19:24:05@remaeus:roleplaygateway.comRemæusgenerating antivirals
19:24:14@remaeus:roleplaygateway.comRemæushighly-targeted retrovirals
19:24:25@remaeus:roleplaygateway.comRemæusgenome-specific stuff
19:38:06@lawoftheland:roleplaygateway.comLawOfTheLandCareful with antivirals, you might end up removing ERVs which are court-admissible evidence of inheritance
20:16:55@lawoftheland:roleplaygateway.comLawOfTheLandYour regular reminder that China requires you to install malware on your phone just to GO there. https://www.businessinsider.com/china-to-require-facial-id-for-internet-and-mobile-services-2019-10
20:17:12@lawoftheland:roleplaygateway.comLawOfTheLand[url=https://www.businessinsider.com/china-to-require-facial-id-for-internet-and-mobile-services-2019-10]Hoping I did the markup right?
21:15:05@eric:fabric.puberic [text](link) markdown
21:15:31@lawoftheland:roleplaygateway.comLawOfTheLand so something like this?
21:15:56@eric:fabric.pubericbtw, can you write a binary adder in JavaScript, publishing it on GitHub as you go?
21:16:06@eric:fabric.pubericI think it's a good way to learn the fundamentals for next steps
21:16:14@lawoftheland:roleplaygateway.comLawOfTheLandwe talking a half adder or a full adder?
21:16:25@eric:fabric.pubericwell you can make a full adder from two half adders
21:16:50@eric:fabric.pubericso where might one start, padawan?
21:17:16@lawoftheland:roleplaygateway.comLawOfTheLandFirst, learning how to write and, or, xor, and not in JS
21:17:47@lawoftheland:roleplaygateway.comLawOfTheLandAll I have is if-then-else and for loops

if you prefer, you can try the much simpler pseudo-like Dot language:

digraph {

  } -> "OR" -> 1
21:20:04@eric:fabric.puberic it might have to be with a name, like digraph Example { I'm not sure
21:20:07* @eric:fabric.puberic tests
let bit = 0; // try changing this value

if (bit === 1) {
  // bit is 1!
  console.log('bit is:', bit);
  // set bit to 0...
  bit = 0;
} else if (bit === 0) {
  console.log('bit is:', bit);
  // set bit to something else...
  bit = 0.5;
} else {
  console.log('bit is of unknown value! the bit:', bit);
21:28:18@eric:fabric.pubericJS probably most useful around here lately

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