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5 May 2019
06:11:41@eric:ericmartindale.com@martindaleyeah kinda my situation
06:11:44@eric:ericmartindale.com@martindaleI'm on desktop right now
06:11:49@eric:ericmartindale.com@martindalelooking at zenbook
06:12:47@null:fabric.pubnullzenbook huh? i'll look at those. i might go with a lenovo but i just need something thats tough and i really like compact and thin.
06:13:22@null:fabric.pubnulli'm thinking about going back to freebsd agian
06:13:42@eric:ericmartindale.com@martindalework on FabricOS with us
06:13:50@eric:ericmartindale.com@martindalepurely functional everything
06:15:17@null:fabric.pubnullinteresting, wikipedia says its firmware for brocade
06:21:58@null:fabric.pubnulli don't get it, how can i run fabric as my os on a new laptop and still have functioning apps? i'll have to meet up with at some point soon and catch up with you on what's all happening!
06:22:26@eric:ericmartindale.com@martindaleyou can run the code
06:22:44@eric:ericmartindale.com@martindalecheck this out: https://github.com/NodeOS/NodeOS
06:23:32@eric:ericmartindale.com@martindalehonestly I would hire someone to focus on this full-time
06:23:48@eric:ericmartindale.com@martindalewe will write x86 compiler
06:24:52@null:fabric.pubnulli would leave my current job if i could work on cool fucking shit.
06:24:58@eric:ericmartindale.com@martindalecheck this out: https://irc.fabric.pub
06:24:59@eric:ericmartindale.com@martindalesame for RPG: https://irc.roleplaygateway.com
06:25:06@eric:ericmartindale.com@martindalelog in to Slack next time you can
06:25:13@eric:ericmartindale.com@martindalecheck out how the bridge works
06:25:22@eric:ericmartindale.com@martindale then, log in to https://maki.io using Slack
06:25:29@eric:ericmartindale.com@martindaleyou can chat to here from the website
06:27:32@null:fabric.pubnulli'll check it out
18 May 2019
19:58:19@eric:fabric.pubericanyone played with three.js?
29 May 2019
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21 Jun 2019
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8 Jul 2019
4 Aug 2019
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