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21 Jul 2018
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17:13:35@nico:beerfactory.orgNicoJust wondering what is this room about. speaking, semantic web concepts that help data be annotated for humans first, and machines second's a good primer:
23 Jul 2018
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25 Jul 2018
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27 Jul 2018
12:06:10@nootnoot:kamax.cloudnootnootI don't see any formats here, whether micro or macro. :-p
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29 Jul 2018 So what's generally used nowadays? The getting started page makes no mention of microformats2, but version 2 seems like it's fairly fleshed out at this point? not a helpful question: why not microdata? or I guess JSON-LD with That's the new popular one, right? I guess it does talk about microformats2. Just couldn't see it past the blinding yellow banner. :/
30 Jul 2018've been using JSON-LD for the most part, but it does look like microformats2 seems to include a lot of the stuff I liked from RDFa like a robust vocabulary, too. Not sure how I feel about the format (specifically the prefixes)
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13 Sep 2018
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2 Jan 2019
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23 Apr 2019
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