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19 Sep 2019
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27 Sep 2019
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16:30:42@eric:fabric.puberic@room I'm looking for 1 or 2 experienced Node developers to take on a short-term contract at competitive rates; starting effective immediately, we'll be finishing up an Fabric-based application which I've just completed architecting for a client. Involves,, and a number of other, but don't worry if you don't have experience with these things — I've already done most of the heavy lifting. 😅
20:24:09@naterchrdsn:fabric.pubnaterchrdsnJust had my second kiddo, how much work isnity
20:24:14@naterchrdsn:fabric.pubnaterchrdsnIs it*
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Just had my second kiddo, how much work isnity
between 30 and 60 hours, spread out over next 4 weeks — if you (or anyone else interested) has time tonight, tomorrow night, or any time Sunday, let's jump on a call w/ screenshare and I can share more
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Want to pick a time that works best for you?
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Same here! Tomorrow afternoon EST or any time Sunday
29 Sep 2019
15:37:45@eric:fabric.pubericup and at' em
2 Oct 2019
00:55:48@eric:fabric.puberic@room updates to whitepaper, only relevant for high-level overview:
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3 Oct 2019
16:24:55@csentropy:fabric.pubcsentropycan anyone upvote a hackernews post?
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can anyone upvote a hackernews post?

@room our project on HN, "A.I. Price Prediction for Bitcoin trading", take a gander:

4 Oct 2019
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8 Oct 2019
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13 Oct 2019
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14 Oct 2019
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16 Oct 2019
19:29:52@eric:fabric.puberic I'm moving on from this; tests passing locally but not on Travis, going to come back to it on Saturday if anyone wants to try yarn test on fabric-0.1.0-develop:
17 Oct 2019
18:32:23@eric:fabric.pubericAnother chunk someone can bite off: — get it running for Matrix, then we can adjust Docker images to run the Fabric bridge
30 Oct 2019
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11 Nov 2019 @room tests now passing again on PR #11, so I'd like to push towards a release on the 22nd — Chain, Wallet, and Swarm are the primary classes to focus on, if anyone is available for a review. Let me know if you're able to contribute some hours to review, or if you'd like to learn the Fabric API through writing some tests (greater code coverage as a double bonus!)

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