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21 May 2019
22 May 2019
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26 May 2019
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29 May 2019
09:01:43@eric:ericmartindale.com@martindaleold school: https://web.archive.org/web/20160323014857/https://fabric.fm/
30 May 2019
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4 Jun 2019
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5 Jun 2019
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6 Jun 2019
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13 Jun 2019
19:35:27@aniihya:fabric.pub@aniihya:fabric.pubI cannot make a citation in the politics room after you rescinded my permission to write in there Eric.
19:40:06@eric:ericmartindale.com@martindaleWhat does that have to do with Fabric? Please take your drama elsewhere.
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14 Jun 2019
05:27:55@eric:ericmartindale.com@martindaleRedacted or Malformed Event
05:30:11@eric:ericmartindale.com@martindaleRoom has been idle for a while, but we have some exciting news landing soon — Fabric 0.1.0 only has 8 more tests to pass!
06:06:59@eric:ericmartindale.com@martindale In the meantime, for those of you sharpening your skills in preparation for our amazingly powerful SDK, How to build something that lasts 10,000 years
18 Jun 2019
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21 Jun 2019
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22 Jun 2019
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2 Jul 2019
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