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29 Apr 2020
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3 May 2020
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14 May 2020
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3 Jun 2020
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8 Jun 2020
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22 Jun 2020
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11 Aug 2020
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6 Sep 2020
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8 Sep 2020
02:14:49@remaeus:roleplaygateway.comRemæus @room the stream is alive again! — recommendations in #music:roleplaygateway.com, soundtrack 2.0 coming soon:™️
26 Sep 2020

NOW STREAMING: @decentralizeALL

18:40:18@_slack_maki-dev_U09HF4JLV:matrix.orgmartindale @channel — tune in for soundtrack stream
27 Sep 2020
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28 Sep 2020
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4 Oct 2020
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NOW STREAMING: @decentralizeALL

@room Sunday Stream Started
11 Oct 2020
22:04:56@eric:fabric.puberic chrisinajar / @chrisinajar
19 Oct 2020


3 Nov 2020
04:35:34@eric:fabric.puberic invited @youtube-dl-bot:blob.catyoutube-dl-bot.
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21 Nov 2020
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25 Dec 2020
04:55:18@eric:fabric.puberic @room Merry Christmas, ya filthy animals 🎄
6 Jan 2021
04:45:48@null:fabric.pubnull And a happy new year, Scrunch up nose x3
11 Jan 2021
13 Jan 2021
18:25:21@elcobo:fabric.pubelcobo joined the room.
18:26:32@elcobo:fabric.pubelcoboHi everyone! Just stumbled upon this. How does it work? I'm looking for something that can free music from the music industry. What Bitcoin is doing to money and the financial world should happen with music. This the place?
15 Jan 2021
15:40:01@remaeus:roleplaygateway.comRemæus elcobo: glad you found us! We're working on P2P streaming, using payment channels to reward seeds / peers

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