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25 Jul 2019
02:40:50@_slack_maki-dev_U0HCSDQB0:matrix.orglawoftheland Probably more of a proof of concept than anything.
31 Jul 2019
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Probably more of a proof of concept than anything.
What's that?
4 Aug 2019
21:56:26@eric:fabric.pubericStrongly recommending the 10th Anniversary Edition of Bitcoin Magazine (I have a copy, it's filled with gold): https://store.b.tc/
17 Aug 2019
23:52:33@eric:fabric.puberic How to meme Bitcoin to the moon
12 Aug 2019
20 Aug 2019
22 Aug 2019
20:07:53@eric:fabric.puberic Miniscript, a language for writing Bitcoin Scripts in a structured manner
15 Sep 2019
21:28:56@eric:fabric.pubericRedacted or Malformed Event
21:29:14@eric:fabric.pubericRedacted or Malformed Event
21:30:10@eric:fabric.puberic George Burke's talk at the Silicon Valley Bitcoin Meetup is absolutely fantastic, a must-watch
19 Sep 2019

Chandra Duggirala's talk at SF Bitcoin is fantastic, also strongly recommended re: #ink:fabric.pub

29 Sep 2019
20:11:51@eric:fabric.puberic Just came across this overview of a protocol from six years ago, which outlines how one can use Bitcoin to perform millions of tiny payments per second (between, say, two cores in a computer) without bloating the blockchain. This construction is utilized heavily in Fabric, but it boggles my mind just how long we've been working on this stuff!
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30 Sep 2019
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7 Oct 2019
16:55:34@eric:fabric.puberic I'll be speaking tonight at Berkeley on "Next-Generation Exchange Architectures", for which there is a livestream link — but I hope to catch some of you there in person!
9 Oct 2019
20:01:32@eric:fabric.pubericOver a year later, I wonder how these stats hold up with latest versions: https://blog.keys.casa/bitcoin-full-validation-sync-performance/
14 Oct 2019
18:09:29@eric:fabric.puberic While searching for some old notes, I came across Manuel's smart contract study guide from years ago, which helped me a lot back then and would be a great read for folks here
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19:09:20@remaeus:roleplaygateway.comRemæusholla 👋
19:10:09@dj_gimp:fabric.pubdj_gimpRedacted or Malformed Event
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holla 👋
19 Oct 2019
20:14:39@lightcoin:matrix.orglight eric: very interested in "ZK-Swaps", was that presentation recorded and available online?
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George Burke's talk at the Silicon Valley Bitcoin Meetup is absolutely fantastic, a must-watch
This is the intro, Chandra speaks after, then ~15 minutes on the ZK Swap
22:38:05@lightcoin:matrix.orglightsweet thanks!
23:22:52@lightcoin:matrix.orglight have you seen OpenDEX eric ? https://opendex.network/
20 Oct 2019
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have you seen OpenDEX eric ? https://opendex.network/
I haven't, but it looks pretty rad! I haven't looked at Raiden yet at all, maybe this will be helpful 🙏

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