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10 Apr 2020
00:24:01@remaeus:roleplaygateway.comRemæus changed their display name from Master to Remæus.
21:21:02@discord_516472241010114560:fabric.pubHeu#0161 changed their profile picture.
23 Apr 2020
13:13:10@discord_223806022588956673:fabric.pubnaterchrdsn#9799 changed their display name from Nebula_GReY#1337 to naterchrdsn#1337.
24 Apr 2020
01:16:21@discord_516472241010114560:fabric.pubHeu#0161 changed their profile picture.
27 Apr 2020
15:32:29@discord_306534806949330945:fabric.pubLei#7003 changed their profile picture.
29 Apr 2020
21:05:56@discord_516472241010114560:fabric.pubHeu#0161 changed their display name from HUE#3364 to Monty#0161.
3 May 2020
05:09:58@discord_516472241010114560:fabric.pubHeu#0161 changed their display name from Monty#0161 to Hue#0161.
8 May 2020
22:24:59@discord_329774381322731521:fabric.pub@discord_329774381322731521:fabric.pub left the room.
14 May 2020
04:48:36@discord_360287866913292289:fabric.pubDemon King#5176 changed their display name from Demon King Perks to Demon King#5176.
04:53:55@discord_360287866913292289:fabric.pubDemon King#5176 changed their profile picture.
18:09:25@discord_223806022588956673:fabric.pubnaterchrdsn#9799 changed their profile picture.
3 Jun 2020
01:40:02@grenade:fabric.pubgrenade joined the room.
8 Jun 2020
00:45:06@discord_223806022588956673:fabric.pubnaterchrdsn#9799 changed their display name from naterchrdsn#1337 to naterchrdsn#9799.
22 Jun 2020
08:11:00@discord_516472241010114560:fabric.pubHeu#0161 changed their profile picture.
6 Jul 2020
15:59:50@discord_606257801811066947:fabric.pub@discord_606257801811066947:fabric.pub left the room.
11 Aug 2020
03:29:17@discord_516472241010114560:fabric.pubHeu#0161 changed their display name from Hue#0161 to Heu#0161.
6 Sep 2020
00:23:01@discord_516472241010114560:fabric.pubHeu#0161 changed their profile picture.
26 Sep 2020

New Builds (RC4 and RC5) are in #builds on Stellar

27 Sep 2020
02:24:16@discord_216303189073461248:fabric.pubPatreon joined the room.
02:26:27@discord_216303189073461248:fabric.pubPatreon changed their display name from Patreon#1968 to Patreon.
28 Sep 2020
02:28:26@discord_516472241010114560:fabric.pubHeu#0161 changed their profile picture.
02:35:02@discord_516472241010114560:fabric.pubHeu#0161 changed their profile picture.
19 Oct 2020
05:20:35@eric:fabric.puberic changed the room topic to "a powerful cross-platform chat | See also: https://maki.fabric.pub/topics/grove" from "a powerful cross-platform chat | See also: https://maki.io/topics/grove".
29 Apr 2021
21:36:42@server_stats:nordgedanken.devServer Stats Discoverer (traveler bot) joined the room.
21:40:36@server_stats:nordgedanken.devServer Stats Discoverer (traveler bot)
30 Apr 2021
17:16:46@server_stats:nordgedanken.devServer Stats Discoverer (traveler bot) changed their display name from Server Stats Discoverer (bot) to Server Stats Discoverer (traveler bot).
11 May 2021
12:38:34@server_stats:nordgedanken.devServer Stats Discoverer (traveler bot) set a profile picture.
23 May 2021
01:07:53@eric:fabric.puberic@room new CloudFlare domain for Grove: https://grove.chat
23 Jul 2021
03:40:08@lostamongtrees:roleplaygateway.comlost changed their profile picture.
24 Jul 2021
15:06:20@lostamongtrees:roleplaygateway.comlost changed their profile picture.

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